Los Angeles Update!

Things here in Los Angeles are going great! We have all 140 of our ambulance frames welded up, and we are deep into the process of bending all of the hoops that will be used for our canopies, and we have lots of little projects to do to finish up production.

The guys are doing awesome, and its very exciting to watch them grow in their welding skills, as well as their confidence. Every morning we meet together and talk about whatever is on our hearts, some mornings its a walk through of the old testament of the bible, and some times its about taxes or our legal system. It is such a blessing to be able to sit down and build relationships with these guys, while helping them help people less fortunate than they are!

We had the opportunity to display the ambulance last weekend at Willow Creek church in the Chicago area, and the response was great. 18,000 people came through and were able to ask questions and hear about what Zambikes is doing. We even met several people who had seen our ambulances and bicycles in use in Zambia!

We are nearing the end of this project, and expect to be pretty busy the next couple of weeks. But God is good and we are excited to send these ambulances off, and watch them start to change peoples lives in The Congo.


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